Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Koh Gen Do Mineral Eyeshadow Palette (302) Review

(Indoors & No Primer)
(Indoors) Left 4 with Urban Decay Primer Potion, Right 4 without Primer
(Outdoors) Left 4 with Urban Decay Primer Potion, Right 4 without Primer
I first heard of this eyeshadow from donnashorts1 on YouTube. She absolutely raved about it, saying that it was one of her favorite powder eyeshadow formulas of all time. As soon I read that, I quickly ordered it in 302 from Barneys for $59 (free shipping) and have since been trying, somewhat desperately, to fall in love with it.

What it Does: It blends really well and gives a diffused, sheer effect. All the colors compliment each other and the texture of the shadows are all very silky
What it Doesn't: It won't give you a "strong" eye look. It doesn't feel very pigmented or creamy (two features that I love in an eyeshadow).

The yellow is my favorite color in the palette but it's also the least pigmented. These shadows almost blend a little too well, so much so that if I use more than two colors from the palette my eye starts to look a little muddy. However, when I used this palette on more mature lids, I was a lot happier with the results. It doesn't crease or settle in to fine lines, and the colors really are gorgeous. All the colors have a very fine amount of shimmer (not glitter) that I think is flattering on every age. Koh Gen Do also make a 301 palette, which at this point I don't see myself purchasing.

Ultimately, this isn't my favorite formula of shadow, however, there are clearly some people who adore it. Because if it's sheerness it's nearly fool-proof (unless you try to overdo it). I'm glad I purchased it, as I don't own anything I would consider similar, but I don't see myself buying it again.

If you are interested in this, or any other Koh Gen Doh products, I just saw that they're on Hautelook (only ship to the US). This shadow's on sale for $29.50. And yes, I'm kicking myself for paying way more for it :(

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