Monday, April 1, 2013

The Squirts

In honor of my upcoming blog post on terribly named beauty products, I decided to do a post with an atrocious title. 
Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Reviews on this are a dime a dozen—and for good reason. I love it but because of the smell I keep trying others. The minty scent is definitely refreshing, however, the rest of the mix kind of smells like urine to me. That said, it does a great job of hydrating your skin better than other facial mists I've tried. It has a really fine mist that doesn't require any blotting afterwards and it doesn't leave your face feeling tight like Evian other brands. The 1 oz. size is perfect for carrying around in your purse but with daily use each bottle only lasts 2-3 months at best. I use it sometimes to set powder makeup and while it doesn't really help the makeup last, it does keep it from looking powdery. I'll frequently use it as a toner after washing my face and follow with a moisturizer. I'm on my second bottle and will likely continue to repurchase. ($18 for 1 oz. at Sephora)

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater: This is by far the best value at $7 for 4 oz. and a close second favorite to Beauty Elixir. I love the distinct rose smell, but it lacks the oils that are in the Beauty Elixir and isn’t as hydrating—still a little more than Fix+. Again, this is good for spraying as a toner or after applying powder but it doesn’t really make your makeup last longer.  

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Face Mist: Claims to be an energizing, clarifying anti-oxidant tonic, hydrating, pore minimizing, and anti-aging. It definitely has a pomegranate/tea scent and in that sense, it’s refreshing but I don’t feel that it’s done much for my skin. This one leaves your skin feeling slightly sticky. I’ll use this up, but it’s not exactly a joy to do so. ($28 for 4 oz. at Sephora)

Mac Fix+: Another facial mist that gets quite a bit of attention. I love how versatile it is and I think it does a good job of setting and extending makeup. I’ll occasionally apply this to apply makeup “wet”.  The light scent is really pleasant and I’d imagine most people would enjoy it. ($21 for 3.4 oz at Mac)

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: This smells terrible. I blame the Ylang Ylang but it’s so much worse than that.  It’s also the stickiest of the lot. I guess if you wanted to turn your face into flypaper—it might be just the thing for you. ($22 for 6.75 oz. from Juice Beauty online)

 What are your favorite beauty mists?


  1. I love Caudalie Beauty Elixer too. the Minty and fine mist makes my skin feel luxurious. If it wasn't so expensive, I would buy a dozen.

    1. I'm totally with you on that! I polished the rest of that bottle today and proceeded to weep lol. There really isn't anything like it.
      Thank you for stopping by!