Monday, May 27, 2013

BA STAR Sample Review

This week I got sent my first product to review from BA STAR! A company that focuses primarily on cosmetic products for "Cheerleaders, Dancers, Competitors, and Trend Setters". The sample contained holographic silver glitter ($8.75 for 5 oz.) and glitter glue ($8.75 for 1.5 oz). They also carry a large selection of shadows (both matte and glitter), pigments, blushes/bronzers, false lashes, lip/eye liners, lip glosses, and tools/accessories.
The glitter glue dries clear and did a decent job of holding the product in place for about an hour with regular movement. I didn't find the glue to be water-proof. I would be a little apprehensive to place the glitter on my lid, as I would worry about fall-out landing in my eye.
If you're looking for a glitter thats higher quality than what's available at a craft store, this is definitely worth checking out. I'd definitely be up for buying one of the cosmetic products from BA STAR, especially the "Bronze Star Dust" or one of their shadow palettes.

If you're interested in trying out this product, here's a coupon code for 50% off. Just enter "BBGLITZ" at checkout.

Discalimer: I received this product free of charge for review. I have not and will not receive any compensation for this review and as always, I give my honest, unbiased opinion of the product.

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