Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Makeover: Bedroom Edition

I've slowly been going through the house and redecorating-- what once was a total bachelor pad. The first that I started on was the bedroom and it's the first room that I've (mostly) finished. I'm still deliberating another set of curtains, different pillows, a throw, and maybe different (less harsh) lampshades. But this is where I'm at now...

Walls: I used a flat base paint (Behr "Cathedral Grey") and then used a 25 inch stencil from Ebay over it in a high-gloss version of the same color.
Curtains: Target
Curtain Rod: JC Penney
Lamp Bases: Target
Lamp Shades: Target
Duvet Cover: Target
Pillows: Black & White (Ikea), Yellow x2 (Big Lots), Gray x2 (T.J. Maxx)
Mirror: Not labeled (Bought on Craigslist)

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